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Spiritually- Focused Transformational Coaching & Shamanic Services
That Restore Your Connection to Awe, Wonder, Innocence, Curiosity,
Creativity, Imagination, Intuition, Abundance, Wholeness,
Sovereignty, Playfulness, Joy, Wisdom, & Love.

​Joyfully Master the Art Of Living, Loving, and Serving
In Integrity With What Your Heart & Soul Desire. 

Confidently Reflect YOUR Truth In All Your Personal & Professional Relationships.


What Clients Are Saying

I’ve worked with Christine for over a decade and she has helped me immensely to learn and grow into my true self. She helps me to sort through what is energetically mine and not mine, to live true to myself and not by the narrow definition of what can be so easy to take on and accept for yourself.


She encourages me to see myself as I truly am and to speak up for myself…both by example and through her gentle (but firm) encouragement. She always has your back and is always cheering you on.


She helps you to find within yourself the answers you seek to build a happier, loving and more authentic life in alignment with your purpose and feelings. There is no hiding, and there is no need to hide. She provides a safe space, free of judgement to share your inner most thoughts and feelings…and she helps you come out the other side with a plan to put all that you need in to action.


Not only do I always feel better from working with Christine (from the honest intuitive insight to the guidance and resource-fullness she provides), but I always feel like I can trust her to help me out of any sticky situation I have somehow found myself in.


We go deep and dig in to the truth of why I do what I do, so that old family patterns can resolve and I can heal my deepest wounds that keep me stuck in unfulfilling patterns. She helps me see the truth in myself so that I can live the life I truly want to lead…not one that I have occasionally allowed myself to settle for.


There is also no limit to how we do this. We seem to grow together and as I need help and insight, she always has more and new skills to offer.


She has been and still is an integral part of my life and a component to my self-care regime. She is like the cheerleader on the sidelines, cheering you on as you move from one goal to the next, and helps you upgrade and re-imagine your life in ways that only she can do.


From her unique intuitive insights, her loving (strong, compassionate, merciful but realistic) insight and her tutelage from her own life experiences, makes her someone that I trust to help me with my life. Our work together is sacred (for me and for her) and I can trust her with my deepest and darkest secrets, because together we bring them to light to heal and empower.


Heather Rigg

I have known Christine for roughly 7 or 8 years, and for the past 3-4 years have had regular monthly sessions with her by phone.  Her loving, wise nature, her ability to truly connect with my energy and my guides, her vast array of tools & techniques to support any of us  through difficult times are all astounding!  I always look forward to my our sessions and often think of them as my “spiritual therapy” lol!  Each and every time I come away with a better, deeper sense of myself;  more clarity and understanding of various dynamics or experiences I’m having; and most importantly a complete sense of being loved and cared for by the greater spirit.  I whole-heartedly recommend Christine for any type of session or teaching that she offers.

Diana Poirier

"Christine's insight and support have positively impacted and influenced every aspect my life.  She has assisted me to learn to believe in myself, helped me really trust my inner voice, experience the importance of speaking my truth and notice what comes when I do, as well as taught me how to follow the divine breadcrumbs that are put before me.  All of these things have brought me deep healing, happiness and allowed me to shine in a way I didn't know was possible."

Lianne Phillippson, Author, Nutritionist, Radio & TV personality,  Sproutright

Working with Christine always provides me the opportunity to go within and deepen my connection to self; my true essence, that which is real and seeking to be unearthed. Her intuitively guided sessions bring clarity, understanding, and focused energy in times of questioning life's challenges; leading the way for more clear direction for the next big steps and bringing me back to a more aligned and peaceful state of being.

Francesca Massi

Where to begin? I am so grateful that a friend introduced me to Christine six years ago. During this time frame, I have to admit, had been the most challenging times I have faced in my life. We all go through various issues in our life when the air feels like it is sucked out of our lungs. These moments can bring us to our knees, however, they can also gravitate us to new heights of gratitude far greater than we ever imagined. What I realized is that we do not have to go alone on our journey, that there are kind, loving, compassionate people like Christine who can be a guiding, shining light to show the way to a better self, providing insightful wisdom to navigate the healing process. Personal growth and expansion can blossom during difficult situations if we are able to face and deal with our wounds, heartaches and grief. Christine allowed me to show up as raw, authentic and real as I could muster. I had broken down, however, now I have broken open, feeling liberated and free from the burdens and yoke I was carrying. To say I love this woman is an understatement as she has changed the trajectory of my life. Whenever we get together I get excited as I know there will always be huge moments of clarity which comes into focus. During our visits I always laugh at some point which always feels so good. Having the opportunity to record our sessions allows me time to hear the advice over and over again which is helpful and of course more time to laugh again. Make no mistake there have been lots and lots of tears too. If you are stuck on your path in life right now, dealing with fears, anxiety, regrets, resentments, forgiveness, grief, etc. Christine can provide you the softest place to land.


Marcella Kimmel

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